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VBS.Stages.A Fix

VBS.Stages.A Fix

24 August 2005
Download Removal Tool
Symantec has developed a tool to remove the changes to a computer system caused by VBS.Stages.A worm. Please follow the directions below.

If you are running this tool on Windows NT or Windows 2000, you must log in with at least the same privileges as were used when the worm originally infected the system.

Download this file to your Desktop.

File: fixlife.exe

To run automatically, click Start, Run. Then type the following in the Run dialogue box:


Click Enter.

Using the Windows desktop directory is only a suggestion that may help novice users know where to store this tool. The Windows desktop directory may not be c:\windows\desktop on all systems. Other valid paths may be used if desired.

Note: When this tool is launched a dialog will appear that instructs the user to start the repair. When it is finished it will indicate whether or not the computer was infected. If the user wants the tool to run without displaying the dialog the user should supply the '/auto' command line switch in the following manner:

C:\Windows\Desktop\fixlife.exe /auto

This tool performs the same actions as listed in the Manual Removal Instructions below.

Fixlife.exe is digitally signed. Symantec recommends only using copies of fixlife.exe that have been downloaded directly from this site. The following tool is available to verify the digital signature of fixlife.exe.

To verify the digital signature of fixlife.exe using chktrust.exe:
Go to
Download and save chktrust.exe into the same directory where fixlife.exe is located.
Launch the MS-DOS prompt via the Start/Programs/MS DOS prompt menu.
Change to the directory where fixlife.exe and chktrust.exe are stored. If the files were saved to the desktop folder the command to enter in the MS DOS prompt is:

cd \windows\desktop

Type the following command to check the digital signature of fixlife.exe:

chktrust -i fixlife.exe

If the digital signature is valid you will see a dialog asking the following question:

Do you want to install and run "Fix Life Utility" signed on 6/19/2000 9:06 PM and distributed by Symantec Corporation.

The date and time that are displayed in this dialog will be adjusted to your timezone if your computer is not set to the Pacific time zone. For example, if you live in the Eastern time zone the date and time you will see will be 6/20/2000 12:06 AM.
If you are using Daylight Saving time, the time that is displayed will be exactly one hour earlier.
If this dialog does not appear or the date and time are not properly adjusted for your timezone do not use your copy of fixlife.exe. It is not from Symantec.
If this dialog appears and the text is correct for your timezone this copy of fixlife.exe is from Symantec.

Click the "Yes" button to dismiss the chktrust dialog.
Type exit and then press the enter key. This will terminate the MS DOS session.

Manual Removal Instructions
Detailed removal instructions are available here.