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13 February 2007
Risk Impact:
File Names:
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Hacktool.HideWindow is a utility program that hackers often use to hide the windows of applications, which are used for malicious purposes.


Your Symantec antivirus program detects this threat as Hacktool.HideWindow.


Hacktool.HideWindow is commonly associated with various IRC Backdoor and Trojan horse programs.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version 02 October 2014 revision 022
  • Latest Rapid Release version 20 September 2019 revision 009
  • Initial Daily Certified version 08 January 2004 revision 004
  • Latest Daily Certified version 15 August 2019 revision 002
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date 14 January 2004
Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions.

Hacktool.HideWindow is a utility program that hides the window of a program from the user. This allows an attacker to hide the presence of applications that normally are not hidden from users.

For example, IRC Trojans or backdoors often use Hacktool.HideWindow to hide the mIRC application window from the user, allowing themselves to carry out malicious activity on the users machine.

The following instructions pertain to all Symantec antivirus products that support Security Risk detection.
  1. Update the definitions.
  2. Restart the computer in Safe mode.
  3. Run a full system scan and delete all the files detected as Hacktool.HideWindow.

For specific details on each of these steps, read the following instructions.

1. Updating the definitions
To obtain the most recent definitions, start your Symantec program and run LiveUpdate.

2. To restart the computer in Safe mode
Shut down the computer and turn off the power. Wait for at least 30 seconds, and then restart the computer in Safe mode. For instructions, read the document, "How to start the computer in Safe Mode ."

3. Scanning for and deleting the files
  1. Start your Symantec antivirus program and run a full system scan..
  2. If any files are detected as Hacktool.HideWindow, click Delete.

    Note: If your Symantec antivirus product reports that it cannot delete a detected file, write down the path and file name. Then use Windows Explorer to locate and delete the file.