The glossary below contains many of the terms you will find in common use throughout the Symantec Security Response website. Please refer to this list to find definitions of terms and answers to other Internet security-related questions.

disk access name

The name used to access a physical disk, such as Disk_1 on an AIX system, c1t1d1 on an HP-UX system, sda on a Linux system, or c0t0d0s0 on a Solaris system. The term device name can also be used to refer to the disk access name.

The device name or address that is used to access a physical disk on an operating system, such as <code>hdisk1</code> (AIX), <code>c0t0d0</code> (HP-UX), <code>disk11</code> (HP-UX 11i v3 onwards), <code>sda</code> (Linux), or <code>c0t0d0s2</code> (Solaris OS). In a SAN environment, it is more convenient to use enclosurebased naming, which forms the device name by concatenating the name of the enclosure (such as <code>enc0</code>) with the disk’s number within the enclosure, separated by an underscore (for example, <code>enc0_2</code>).

An alternative term for a device name.